A High Quality Garden Table


Garden Table/thumb_85x85.jpg

Our garden table was becoming really ugly, so it was time to do something. I made a new wooden surface with ipé wood. I am quite satisfied with the result...



  • Our garden table has been exposed to the weather for four years. It was low cost and very disappointing quality.
  • It was time to do something!
  • The base was made of painted steel and is still OK, so I decided to build a new wooden surface, out of boards of quality hard wood (ipé), and protect it with a special oil for wooden decks (Aquadeck).
  • See the old table, and the new result:
    GardenTable-00.jpg GardenTable-41.jpg

  • Bill of materials (CHF):

     Wood, approx 2 m2:          220.-
     Aquadeck oil, 2.5 l:        120.-      approx 1/4 was used
     Various screws and plates:   50.-
     Total (approx)              390.-      not counting the working hours ;-)
    Buying such a table could cost CHF 800.- or more...
  • Working time: 2 week-ends.

Step 0: Making a Sketch, and Buying the Wood

  1. Make a sketch, e.g. with OpenOffice.org Draw

  2. Buy the wood. The wood was cut to size by Menetrey. Approx CHF 14.- per linear meter.
  3. Make a sketch, and buy the wood:
    photo_082109_002.jpg GardenTable-11.jpg

Step 1: Gathering Tools and Materials

GardenTable-03.jpg GardenTable-04.jpg GardenTable-05.jpg GardenTable-06.jpg GardenTable-07.jpg GardenTable-10.jpg

Step 2: Sanding It

GardenTable-08.jpg GardenTable-09.jpg

Step 3: Checking the Sizes


Step 4: Boring the Boards (and Making a Special Marking Tool for it)

GardenTable-13.jpg GardenTable-14.jpg

GardenTable-16.jpg GardenTable-17.jpg GardenTable-18.jpg GardenTable-19.jpg GardenTable-20.jpg GardenTable-21.jpg

Step 5: Assembling the Surface

GardenTable-23.jpg GardenTable-24.jpg GardenTable-25.jpg GardenTable-26.jpg GardenTable-27.jpg

Step 6: Binding the Surface, Rounding the Angles

I am not a joinery expert, so I did it the easy way, with metal plates and screws. It won't be visible, because on the bottom side.

GardenTable-28.jpg GardenTable-29.jpg GardenTable-30.jpg

Step 7: Fixing the Surface to the Base

GardenTable-32.jpg GardenTable-33.jpg GardenTable-34.jpg GardenTable-35.jpg

Step 8: Oiling the Surface


Step 9: Adding Spacers to the Base

GardenTable-31.jpg GardenTable-37.jpg GardenTable-38.jpg GardenTable-39.jpg

Finished product

GardenTable-40.jpg GardenTable-41.jpg GardenTable-42.jpg GardenTable-43.jpg


  • Awesome, I must say B) ! was fun to make, and the final product is nice to use.

  • This oil gives a perfectly waterproof protection,
  • and an extraordinary looking, slightly silky, finish.
  • It was worth the work!